Final Gathering (FAQ)

Did you Know that:

With Final Gathering -> You can integrate 3D elements within 2D real fast?

For TV commercial this is the ideal way of integrating a 3d character. You simply take digital pictures of the surrounding during the production shoot ( all 4 walls and ceiling ). Then simply apply the textures onto a cube. Place the 3d character inside of it and turn on Final Gathering.

Here is a quick example:

1. Get your object

2. Create a flat grid on either side of it

3. Apply textures to the two grids in a constant manner (do not use Phong, Lambert, or mixer)

4. Use the appropriate projection on both grids for the texture support

5. Turn off the default light of the scene (do not delete it)

6. Turn on final gathering in the region

7. Then Fine-tune FG to your liking.


Frequently Asked Question:

Question: When I use Final Gathering, I always have some grids in it. If I change the anti-aliasing filter it fixes this problem, but the rendering speed is slow. Do you have a suggestion to solve this problem?

Answers: There are many tips and tricks, here is a list of the most common thing you can try to solve the problem. This is the basics to get rid of those blotches as we call them.

If you need Caustics, enable Caustics.

If your scene is flooded with light and has large features, use Global Illumination.

If your scene has smaller features, but with more details, use Final Gathering.

To tune Final Gathering:

Keep minimum radius to about 1/10 of maximum radius, unless you have both bump and displacement maps. In that case, experiment with slightly larger values.

Choose maximum radius to be about 1/3 the size of small or medium sized objects (ignore high curvature objects).

If you see high-frequency noise (small spots, etc.), increase maximum radius.

If you see low frequency noise (blotches) or flickering in the animation, decrease maximum radius.

If you can't get rid of any of the above artifacts, increase the number of samples.

If no amount of tuning works, go to Global Illumination instead.

For more information on Final Gathering, just click [here. (]

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