FxTree Image Compare

The FxViewer has an image compare feature, described in the online help, but it has limitations if you want to compare two image sequences.

Here are a couple more tips

Shake-Like Compare Slider

Use the Transition->Curtain Wipe operator, plug both images to the image and view the output. Use the "Wipe Trans." slider in the property page to reveal one image or the other.

Hit the 'lock' icon on the property page title bar to keep the Curtain Wipe's property page around.

Using Multiple Fx Viewers

Few people know that it's possible to open multiple viewers. Open new viewers, for example with the View menu -> Compositing -> Fx Viewer, or press ATL+2.

When you click 'V' (View) on a node in the FxTree, the image is sent to the 'current' Fx Viewer, which is the last one that was clicked. Click in the middle of an Fx Viewer (not the title bar) to make it current, then click View on the node to send it there. Any new Fx Viewer is set as 'current' on creation.

You can of course view different parts of the fxtree, or the same part in multiple viewers. For example, opening multiple viewers is a cool way to work on a zoomed-in part of an image while keeping an eye on a zoomed out overview of the entire image.


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