How To: Install Autodesk Softimage 2011

After you download Autodesk Softimage 2011, double-click the downloaded .exe file. This extracts the Setup program onto your hard disk and then automatically launches the Setup.

Table of contents

Start the installation

The downloaded .exe is a self-extracting archive that extracts all the Setup files to the Destination folder. By default, the Setup files are extracted to the %SystemDrive%\Autodesk\ folder.

Click Install to extract the setup files and start the Setup program.

You will need at least 3.6GB of free space.

  • The downloaded .exe is about 1GB.
  • The extracted setup files need another 1GB.
  • The actual installation requires another 1.6GB.
Extract Setup files to disk

Click Install Products to install Autodesk Softimage 2011

  • Install Products installs Softimage 2011 on the local workstation.
  • Create Deployments allows you to create a server image of the setup that you can use for command-line installs on multiple client computers.
  • Install Tools and Utilities allows you to install the Autodesk Network License Manager and the Craft Director Studio.
  • Read the Documentation gives you access to the Softimage Installation Guide, the Autodesk Licensing Guide, the Softimage documentation, and the Softimage release notes.

Install Products

Accept the License Agreement

  • If you want to keep a copy of the license agreement, you can print it, or copy the text. To copy the text, click somewhere in the license agreement, press CTRL+A to select all, and then CTRL+C.
Install Products

Enter your user and product information

  • You have to fill in the First name, Last name, and Organization boxes.
  • If you don't know your serial number, select I want to try this product for 30 days. You can always enter your serial number later.
  • The product key for Softimage 2011 is 590C1.
User and Product Information

Click Configure to install the Network license version of Softimage 2011

Click Configure if you want to:

  • Install the Network license version of Softimage 2011. By default, Setup installs the Standalone license version of Softimage 2011.
  • Install the mental ray satellite rendering service.
  • Change the installation folder for Softimage 2011. The default installation folder is %ProgramFiles%\Autodesk Softimage 2011.

Begin Installation - Click Configure for Network version

Select the License Type

  • Click Network license and then enter the name or IP address of the license server computer.
  • Most customers use the Single Server license model.
  • If you are installing Softimage on the same Vista/Windows 7 computer as the license server, then enter
  • You can omit the license server name and enter it later by editing setenv.bat.

Select the Network license type

Install the mental ray Satellite rendering service

If you intend to use satellite rendering, select the check box.

You must install the service on both the master computer and the satellite computers.

Select the installation folder for Softimage

Select the Softimage installation folder

By default, Softimge is installed in the Program Files folder.

Note that you can now have folder names with spaces in the Softimage install path

To continue, click Configuration Complete.

Select the installation folder for Softimage

Start the installation

You have one last chance to review your installation settings.

Click Install to start the installation

Review settings and start the installation

Installation Complete

Installation logs:

  • %TEMP%\Autodesk_Softimage_IF.log
  • %TEMP%\Autodesk_Softimage_x64_Install.log

Installation complete

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