Expressions broken between reference and nonreference model objects

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After importing an emdl file as a Reference model; creating a Link_with expression between an object at the Scene_root level and another object contained within the Reference model level; saving the scene; then opening the previously saved scene, the Link_with expression is lost, or broken after the scene was loaded into SoftimageXSI. What is occurring in this case?


This problem is a known bug. Please refer to the following bug information: 95666: Expressions are broken between Reference and non-Reference models.


Here is a simple solution to circumvent this problem.

  1. Simply introduce an object such as an Implicit cube into the scene after importing the emdl file.
  2. POS Constrain the Implicit object to the object that's contained in the Reference Model. You may want to use a CnsComp on the implicit object in order to slightly offset this object, in order to better see what's happening in your scene.
  3. Then, apply the Link_with or expression between the non-Reference and Reference models' object(s), but make sure that the target object in this case is the implicit object (e.g. the cube).

Result: After saving and loading the scene, the Link_with expressions will remain intact, solely because of POS constraints are NOT affected by this bug. In other words, we are using the implicit object (along with constraints) as a neutral mechanism to bridge the gap between the non-Reference and Reference objects in the scene, thus in order to circumvent the problem.

Fixed: XSI 5.01

Applies To: XSI 3.5 on Win2K,Linux

Posted: 12/4/2003

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