XSIBatch Return Values and Error Codes

XSIBatch return values can help you manage a render farm or any other automated batch process. The return values include standard XSI return values as well as OS-specific return values.

In the following descriptions, "the script" refers to a script run with xsibatch -script or, if you run xsibatch -r, to our internal batch rendering script.

Standard Return Values

These return values are the same on Windows and on Linux.

0 No major errors reported. There still could be issues with the input or the script—check the output log.
1 The script reported a failure, such as a syntax error or any other scripting error that terminates the script. On Windows, this value is returned in the case of a hard crash as well (for the corresponding Linux return values, see below).
128* A bad argument was passed to xsibatch.
129* Cannot load or import a scene for rendering
130* Rendering failed.
131* Exporting an mi2 file failed.
132* A missing or invalid pass was used.
255 or -1 Error launching the application (xsibatch). Usually provided by the OS and dependant on how xsibatch was launched.

* Introduced in XSI 5.11

Linux Return Values

These return values are specific to Linux.

6 SIGABRT Returned if either a script or XSI has performed an illegal action. Essentially a crash.
8 SIGFPE Floating point exception.
9 SIGKILL The application has been killed. For example: kill(-9).
11 SIGSEGV Invalid memory reference (for example, an out-of-bounds array access).
13 SIGPIPE Broken Pipe. Trying to write to a pipe where the reader is not valid.
15 SIGTERM Terminated by a "polite" kill signal. For example: Ctrl-C or kill(1).
30,10,16 SIGUSR1 User-defined signal 1
31,12,17 SIGUSR2 User-defined signal 2
127 N/A Not a Posix signal, but can be thrown from System if there was a failure executing the command.
134-159 N/A A core dump plus one of the above errors. Subtract 128 from the return value to get the error code. For example, a return value of 134 indicates a crash (6) and a core dump (128).

If you receive one of these errors and you are certain that your script did not cause the error, please send your scene and .bt file to Softimage.

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