Swimming explicit UVs

You have some geometry and you want to add bevels to it, the UVS are laid out and the operator stack is frozen. How do you swim the UVs with new topology changes?


The swim UV only works with live projections. Once you have frozen the geometry you've also frozen the UVs but you can get around this using GATOR.

Duplicate the original geometry then GATOR the UVs from the original onto the current geometry; leave GATOR live and select HIDE inputs on the GATOR dialog. Now move the GATOR operator up into the shape modeling region of the stack.

In the Image shader make sure you're using the GATOR UV property; If the GATOR'd texture projection property has the same name as the original then rename to something like Texture_Projection1_GATOR then you should see 2 properties in the texture projection combo box.

Now you can model and swim the UVs.

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