Entering random numbers in text entry fields produces no results

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You enter random numbers in any text entry field(s) (e.g. MCA (Main Control Area)-Transform-SRT fields), and after executing the random number command, no results are observed in the scene.


There is a good chance that your version of the Windows operating system is configured to a European (or non-US/Canadian English) regional setting such as French (France). Configuring the Regional > Options from English (US) to French (France) for example, will change the decimal symbol from a comma ( , ) to a period ( . ). Henceforth, when adding a command to the random number entry, the command will be ignored.


The solution is simple enough, but a few rules must be observed. Follow these steps. Note: In this case, the regional setting is configured to French (France).

  1. Open the Windows OS Control Panel-Regional Options window.
  2. Go to the Numbers tab, and enter a period ( . ) in the Decimal symbol field and hit Apply.
  3. Then go to the Currency tab and repeat step number 2.
  4. To get the random number command to work, you MUST use a period instead of a comma in the random number command: R(-4.2)

Applies To: XSI 1.5 on NT,Win2K

Posted: 9/24/2001

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