Spreadsheet: Cannot select columns

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When trying to use the spreadsheet to change a common parameter of all the materials in the scene (a material's radiance, for example):

  • It isn't possible to select columns by clicking the headers.
  • We cannot box-select items.
  • Frequently the window is not large enough to accomodate all of the columns (the scrollbar only scrolls halfway).


Its a limitation of the query (Surface Shader All). This problem with the spreadsheet, is the way the query is built. It is a relationship between the objects and the different materials that are applied to that object (1 material for the object + the poly cluster materials). Since it is a relationship in the first place, you have more than 1 grid. So when you try to select a whole column, it doesn't work because multiselection works per grid.


This will be addressed in a future version of XSI. In the meantime, if the window is not large enough to accomidate all of the columns, sometimes this can be fixed by minimizing and maximizing the spreadsheet window.

Applies To: XSI 3.5,XSI 3.5.x on Win2K

Posted: 3/16/2004

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