Vector paint does not rerender after modifying parameters

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You are painting an image using the Fx Tree Vector paint tool. More specifically, from the FX Tree, you have connected an image clip into the Vector paint node, and wish to alter the image's look and be able to view the results via a render region in a camera view. But after making some painting modifications to the image clip, the updated results are visible from the FX Viewer but not from the render region. What might be occurring in this case?


This behavior is currently a limitation in SoftimageXSI.  It is impossible at this time to make Vector paint perform incremental re-rendering in the viewer and yet cause a full re-render for the image clip and textures from the render region. However, tools such as Lines and Shape cause a full re-render of the Vector paint; the brush tool though will only do incremental re-rendering.


To circumvent this problem, open the Vector paint operator PPG, switch to the Operator tab, and de-activate then activate the "Active" checkbox parameter. Then the render region will refresh and update to whatever changes were done to the image clip through Vector painting.

Applies To: XSI 4.0 on

Posted: 7/13/2004

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