User Data (XSISDK)

Be sure to read: Storing Custom (User) Data (

The following objects are used to store User Data inside a scene file:

And the GridData (XSISDK) object is a useful parameter type for storing 1 or 2 dimensional data inside a Custom Property.

You can also store your own data in external files (perhaps in XML files) and read/write it from scripting.

For a discussion of User Data and Custom Operators see Custom_Operators_(XSISDK)#User_Data.


There are several examples in the XSI v5.0 example workgroup that show User Data usage.

  • dotXSIConverter ( - Uses C++ API to import and export Custom Properties and other user data
  • XSIGame ( - Realistic example of how game data can be represented inside XSI as user data.
  • WireFrame ( - Demonstration of using a UserDataBlob to pass geometry data to Mental Ray.

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