Hair Styling Tips

Creating hair styles can be challenging when you're first starting out. Here are a few tips on how to work more effectively.

  • Make several hair "pieces"

Generate hair from different polygon clusters, then style each hair piece individually. To style, you can use the Brush tool or use proportional modelling in conjunction with the M key. These tools make it easier to get the style you want for each piece without affecting the other hair pieces.

  • Create groups to share the hair material

If you have several hair pieces and you want them to all have the same hair color (material), you can select all the hair objects and put them into a group (press Ctrl+g), then apply the hair material to that group.

  • Styling single hair strands

When you're styling hair, you sometimes need to work on one area at a time to get it right, which often means styling single strands of hair. To do this, you can select a single hair strand and use the Brush tool to style only that strand. You can also use proportional modelling (click the Prop button on the main command panel), then activate the Consider Neighborhood option in the Proportional property editor. Here's a useful script to speed up the process of using proportional modelling: Proportional Tools ( This lets you assign the Prop button to a hot key.

A setup example for hot keys could be:

- G = Activate/deactivate proportional modelling

- Shift + G = Activate/deactivate Consider Neighborhood option

- Alt + G = Change value of proportional modelling

  • Pull up the hair

To initially style hair, first drag (translate) the hair down, then pull it in the top area to align it with the face, as shown in the image below. You can also use the Puff Roots tool to give a little lift to the hair at the roots.


  • Styling long hair

To get smooth long hair, increase the number of Segments in the Hair property editor - a value of 25 gives smooth hair. Having enough hair segments is more evident when you have curly or wavy hair.

To initially style the hair, select the tips and click the Stretchy button on the Hair toolbar. Translate the tips down to lengthen the hair. When you're happy with the results, click the Fix button below the Stretchy button to keep the hair at this length.


See Also

See XSI guides: Creating Hair ( and Styling and Animating Guide Hairs (

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