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Compiling plug-ins for both Softimage x86 and Softimage x64 using Visual Studio .NET 2005 on Windows

In order to compile Softimage plug-ins for each platform, you need to launch Visual Studio .NET 2005 with the proper options, which you can set up using a batch file (.bat) as demonstrated in the SDK Documentation:

For compiling Softimage x64 plug-ins, you need to do one more thing!

Once you launch Visual Studio .NET 2005, you also need to set the following options after loading a project to compile:

  1. From the Build menu, click Configuration Manager.
  2. On the Configuration Manager dialog, select Debug x64 or Release x64 from the Active solution configuration drop-down list.
  3. Select New from the Active solution platform drop-down list and type x64 as the new platform name.
  4. Click OK to close the New Solution Platform dialog.
  5. Click Close to exit the Configuration Manager dialog and then compile / build a plug-in (solution).

Compiling plug-ins for Softimage x64 (v5.0) using Visual Studio .NET 2003

  1. Install Microsoft Visual Studio .Net2003.
  2. Install the MSDN support packages appropriate to your system:
    • For AMD64 Workstation, install the following:
      • PSDK-amd64.exe (http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/details.aspx?FamilyID=a55b6b43-e24f-4ea3-a93e-40c0ec4f68e5&displaylang=en)
      • SDK64AMD64.msi (the 64-bit version of version 7.1 of the CRT/MFC/ATL. You must contact Microsoft to get this package - it is free but not available directly for download. In our experience Microsoft has a quick turnaround to send you the files)
      • Configure the environment following instructions from the SDK64AMD64 package.
    • For Intel, install the following:
      • PSDK-x86.exe
      • SDK64x8664.msi
      • Configure the environment following instructions from the SDK64x8664 package.
  3. From a configured shell, type:
devenv /USEENV

(With the /USEENV, devenv will use the compilers & linker for AMD64. The produce binaries will be 64 bits. In order to debug, the Debugging Tools for Windows 64-bit must be used since the debug information is not compatible with .Net2003 for 64 bits).

Mixing x86 and x64 Environments

See Mixed 32 and 64bit Workgroups

Using Visual C++ 2008 Express to compile 64 bit dll's

For a way to use Microsoft Visual C++ Express for compiling on a x64-platform, visit 64 bit Visual C++ Express.

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