Viewports: Resolution of non-camera viewports for capture

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What is the resolution of non-camera viewports in SOFTIMAGE|XSI.  This question arises especially in situations when users want to capture the Front, Right, and Top viewports.


The cameras for the Top, Front and Right viewports, use a picture ratio of 1.22. So when capturing keep the pixel ratio to one, and choose a resolution such as the following:

  • 600x491
  • 300x245
  • 1024x839

When the final image is loaded into Flipbook, the captured image may look cropped (depending on the resolution). But in fact the image is not, as the default Flipbook window may be scaled to a smaller size, therefore cropping as it were, the captured image. Simply resize the Flipbook window to fit the resolution of the captured image.

Applies To: XSI 1.5 on NT,Win2K,Irix

Posted: 2/21/2001

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