Uniqe uvs with large poly count object gives undesireable results

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Symptom When using a Unique UVs Texture projection with a high poly count object, the Polygons on the texture are very small and spaced apart quite a bit. Not the desired results at all.

Cause When creating the Unique UV Projection, XSI assumes a texture size of 256x256, and a spacing of 2 pixels between polygons. With many polygons, each polygon can only occupy a very small area.

Solution Edit the texture projection. There is a section in the Property Page called PolyPackUV. Here you can enter the actual size of the texture you will be using or creating. This will give you the results you are looking for.

Applies To: XSI 3.5,XSI 3.5.x on NT,Win2K,Irix,Linux

Posted: 4/28/2004

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