Working with sequences vs single frames

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You have captured your animation to disk with Nav>Start Capture. This saves a series of .pics to the path defined in your Capture Options. You now want to load captured animation (Flipbook>File>Load):

  1. You click on the sequence of captured images
  2. hit the OK button, upon which
  3. the sequence appears to load
  4. when you hit the Play button, there is no animation. 

Although the whole frame range seems to play back, only the first image in the sequence is displayed.


This is simply the result of selecting the wrong file in the directory/folder structure.

Whenever a capture is saved in an image file format, rather than a movie file such as .avi or .qt, the series of images get saved under a folder of the same name. Browse to the location where the captured images were saved: you will notice a folder called filename.[1..100]. That is the "sequence folder" in question.

Note that this "sequence folder" appears only in the XSI file browser, and is merely displayed to allow a series of image files to be selected as a single file. To demonstrate this, do a standard file listing outside of XSI: you'll notice that the "sequence folder" does not really exist and the image file sequence is located one level up, at the path location where this pseudo-folder would have been.


Select the folder (filename.[1..100]), rather than one of the captured image files it contains (filename.1.pic).

Note that when saving to disk via Flipbook>Export, you can select from many file formats, including various movie formats. Since these formats are saved out as single file, the creation of the pseudo-folder is thus not necessary ...and the probability of the confusion described above occurring reduced to nil!:-)

References Animation guide: </STRONG>Basics of Animation chapter; Previewing Animation as a Flipbook section

Applies To: XSI 1.0 on NT,Win2K,Irix

Posted: 11/22/2000

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