Crosswalk SDK

Crosswalk SDK

To take full advantage of the dotXSI file format, use the Crosswalk SDK available with a standard Softimage installation and as part of the Crosswalk product on The Crosswalk SDK enables rapid implementation of read and write support for the dotXSI file format in a wide variety of circumstances. Designed to facilitate the integration of dotXSI into nearly any interactive media pipeline, the toolkit includes a set of core resources, including dotXSI file I/O library and header files and compilable source code for sample applications.

The library files are XSIFtk.lib and XSIFtkd.lib (the debug version) and can be found under the platform-specific subfolder of the lib folder of your setup location. |}

Components of the Crosswalk SDK

The Crosswalk SDK has two components:

•[ftk_TheIOLayer.htm#Rac64419 The IO Layer]—provides a generic way of accessing dotXSI data

•[ftk_FTKExamples.htm#Rac73155 The Semantic Layer]—provides a structured and semantically correct representation of the dotXSI file

The Crosswalk SDK has traditionally only provided what is now called an IO layer. This layer allows minimal access to the data in template form with no understanding or validation of the data at all. The developer has to manually extract all the information and know exactly where to look for that information.

This can mean having to create complex programs just to do simple tasks such as reading the file and extracting simple information. In order to improve the usability of the dotXSI file format, the Semantic Layer has been built on top of the IO layer. It adds a new level of understanding of how a semantically correct file should be presented to the developer.


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