Autodesk Softimage 2011 Subscription Advantage Pack


Here is a summary of the fixes and known issues in Autodesk Softimage 2011 Subscription Advantage Pack:

The Fix List

These are the fixes that were made during the development of Softimage 2011 Subscription Advantage Pack. Please note that some of these issues were introduced and fixed exclusively within the Softimage 2011 Subscription Advantage Pack development cycle and are listed here simply as a reference for users who participated in the Beta program.


  • UDEV00258030 Save Key should preserve slope on existing keys
  • UDEV00258085 Save key with tolerance isn't working properly
  • UDEV00257802 crash in Key Panel when MMB repeating command on empty selection


  • UDEV00257510 FBX Add geom cache support at import/export
  • UDEV00258141 FBX Import - Add time control option
  • UDEV00257376 FBX Add curve support at import/export
  • UDEV00257911 FBX - Shape Animation is not imported
  • UDEV00258446 Custom pset animation isn't carried out in fbx.
  • UDEV00258339 FBX Export options are disregarded when exporting to ASCII format.
  • UDEV00258186 ICEFlow|FBX Import - Export Nurbs in Maya then re import in Softimage and you'll get a null.
  • UDEV00258168 FBX Export geometry cache file from max to Softimage doesn't work
  • UDEV00258223 Text curve doesn't work properly using crosswalk fbx export and RE- Importing crosswalk FBX Import
  • UDEV00258185 FBX geometry GroupToCache cmd, we should be able to pass the group by its name rather then by its index
  • UDEV00257951 FBX - Linux - Crash importing using Hard Edges
  • UDEV00257726 FBX - Crash importing Shape Animation
  • UDEV00257023 Leaks exporting to FBX

Data Management

  • UDEV00258144 ICE Cache | caching multiple objects doesn't work
  • UDEV00258356 FBX export from Soft to Crosswalk fbx Import Soft with fill timeline and frame rate is not concistent
  • UDEV00257582 CacheManager Change read cache browser default filter to *.*
  • UDEV00258013 FBX Export geometry cache file from max to softimage doesn't work
  • UDEV00258435 Saved scene using 2011 shaders is corrupt
  • UDEV00258880 Overrides are lost upon exit then reload
  • UDEV00258597 FBXImportCacheFile_Execute errors
  • UDEV00258590 Crash when disconnecting from workgroup containing custom shaders
  • UDEV00258682 Persistence Problem using Texture Layers
  • UDEV00258232 FBX | Softimage hangs indefinitely when trying to export object with SSS compound as FBX
  • UDEV00258775 ref models | override isn't overriding the materials anymore

Face Robot

  • UDEV00257944 FR - Crosswalk - Crash trying to export a Ploted XSI shape head with LipSync in FBX


  • UDEV00258236 Nurbs geometry cache doesn't work
  • UDEV00258574 Old move point tool not working anymore (raycast raster bug)
  • UDEV00258850 WE | Freeze & Crash when freezing the operator stack with WE opened


  • UDEV00257234 RTShaderWizard - Upon generating code an extra Floating RenderTree open when RenderTree is docked
  • UDEV00257393 Right-Click -> Select Members on partition(s) is not available if a partition is selected.
  • UDEV00257431 Shaders: Add documentation to the Shader Definition Wizard
  • UDEV00258221 Crash in Material Manager while in Favorite tab and creating a new library
  • UDEV00258235 HW sprite rendering does not produce correct alpha channel
  • UDEV00258729 Connections missing in Render Tree
  • UDEV00258608 RTS: Softimage cannot find custom realtime shader dlls if you change the workgroup location
  • UDEV00258844 RTS viewport display not updated properly when switching display modes and then back to realtime
  • UDEV00257616 Raytraced Soft Shadows is not working for the Infinite light
  • UDEV00258973 Glitch with Raytraced Soft Shadows on directional lights
  • UDEV00259036 Adjustments Output Pass Shader not working anymore
  • UDEV00259049 Problem with rasterizer and ICE strands
  • UDEV00258127 Rendering | Pass Camera showing environment groups
  • UDEV00258139 Crash after Editing Framebuffer format
  • UDEV00258178 Crash when rendering specific scene


  • UDEV00258494 SDK | Plugin Manager | SPDL>Shader entry should align to other menu items for consistency
  • UDEV00254230 RTS: C++ realtime shader performance improvement
  • UDEV00258662 SDK: Increment XSISDK_VERSION value
  • UDEV00247615 SDK Python: Add Python modules support for plugins
  • UDEV00258607 SDK API: ShaderParameter::GetDefinition() does not work on material ports.
  • UDEV00258043 Script Editor | Python language not available in contextual menu
  • UDEV00258491 Crash when calling X3DObject.AddNurbsCurveList2 with the Closed arg set to true instead of array(true)
  • UDEV00233852 SDK API: Application.FindObjects
  • UDEV00254695 SDK ICE: reviewing some warnings, on xsi_iceattributedataarray
  • UDEV00258929 SDK API: Add CStatus::CommandCancelled
  • UDEV00259009 SDK | VBScript compilation errors with Python PPG logic
  • UDEV00259054 SDK Python: siutils.__file__ + __path__ cause import problem with pywin


  • UDEV00247782 ICE | Cannot Set Data on Material Parameters
  • UDEV00249236 ICE | Vector to 4x4 Matrix Node does not accept array data
  • UDEV00256394 ICE-Core | Crash when using Arrays values on DivideByScalar node 'Valid' port in ICE
  • UDEV00257723 ICE | Naming ICE driven object the same as its model causes lost ICE connection on load
  • UDEV00257725 ICE | Crash when deleting compound
  • UDEV00258004 ICE | Blend color node does not Clamp the alpha value
  • UDEV00258053 ICE Envelope weights precision
  • UDEV00258082 ICE | move ICETree to animation marker then freeze mesh causes Softimage to crash
  • UDEV00258309 ICE | SceneReferenceNode updates correctly, but get data nodes show errors
  • UDEV00258440 ICE | Dual Quaternion Deformation should not use Model.Group as default
  • UDEV00258248 Multi-phase Ice Node Fails to Execute
  • UDEV00258091 Exposed FCurve profiles on imported ICE compounds depend on frame rate
  • UDEV00258239 SavePreset task failed if storage name > 31 chars
  • UDEV00258654 ICE | "Deg To Rad" and "Rad To Deg" nodes wrong maths
  • UDEV00258455 Crash with Color Map Lookup Node
  • UDEV00258808 copy/paste compound can make SI crash ( ICE kinematics)
  • UDEV00259014 Wrong result when Plotting objects driven from Transform Objects by Particles


  • UDEV00258181 Normals are always computed when viewport is in Mixed Mode
  • UDEV00258574 Old move point tool not working anymore (raycast raster bug)
  • UDEV00257474 Get Data drop down always on Main monitor
  • UDEV00258136 UI | Optional Panels when hidden still think they are visible


  • UDEV00258551 Craft Animation Studios does not detect versions past 2011 RTM for installation

The KPL List

These are the know issues for the Softimage 2011 Subscription Advantage Pack release.

Please note that the Known Problems and Limitations (KPL) list refers to issues that have been raised during the Beta cycles and are considered important enough for the Softimage user base to be made aware of. If a Bug doesn't show up in this list, it doesn't mean it is of lesser importance or not being looked at. Therefore, suggestions, workarounds, general workflow issues and older bugs found in previous versions are not included in this list.


  • UDEV00258763 Renaming bones doesn't update Symmetry Mapping Template
  • UDEV00258776 FCurve Editor jumps on playback when zoomed in and if looping is enabled
  • UDEV00258778 SI can crash while setting a zero key on an animation layer under very specific conditions
  • UDEV00258848 Animation Clip loses connection when using templates if another clip is deleted (scene specific)

Data management

  • UDEV00258657 Cache Manager won't write to locations that have a "." in the filepath
  • UDEV00258733 Cannot load model when it is using setdata to global environment's simtimectrl
  • UDEV00259106 FBX import does not recognize takes


  • UDEV00258725 After a manual abort of a 3rd party renderer, RenderPass LogMessages are not shown.
  • UDEV00258806 Toon Ink lens shader not available from Camera's lens shaders only preset manager
  • UDEV00258807 Passes from merged scene are not immediately visible in top level menu pass list until pass change


  • UDEV00256883 python : custom command claims to have an invalid pointer when using older python version
  • UDEV00257901 Importing wxPython can crash Softimage when linking to a workgroup from an open XSI session
  • UDEV00258625 python might not show up after first install until running runonce.bat
  • UDEV00258676 SDK ICE: Issues with MultiPhase Element Generator Supporting Singleton Context Output Port
  • UDEV00258724 OnEndFrame event always returns CStatus::OK
  • UDEV00258789 Command with Collection argument returns error with an empty collection returned by FindChildren()


  • UDEV00256819 ICE - Problems reading/writing Texture_Projection_Def property parameters`52adc2
  • UDEV00258711 ICE can't find geometry that a cached point locator belongs to, remove the cached attribute!
  • UDEV00258920 ICE kine - Invalid data using UV to Location
  • UDEV00258932 Ice Multi-Phase Node fails to pull array Data
  • UDEV00259132 nCloth deformation with particles from Softimage to Maya and the nCloth deformation will be wrong.
    • Workaround: create a different solver using the command assign nSolver on the nParticle.


  • UDEV00258696 Navigating with "S" key in a schematic view aborts pick-sessions
  • UDEV00258689 Viewcube Pref Menu opens on wrong screen (dual screen linux)

Composite and MatchMover

  • Composite can crash on startup in Vista or Windows when UAC is on
  • MatchMover FBX export doesn’t load in Maya or Softimage
  • Linux Only: To install Autodesk Composite and Autodesk MatchMover, you must manually install the respective rpms and follow the directions given.
  • Linux Only: To run Autodesk Composite and Autodesk MatchMover, you must launch them from a Softimage sourced shell so that the license can be properly obtained.

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