Known SDK Limitations v6.0 (XSISDK)

SDK Issues


C# custom operators are currently ignored in rendering to avoid deadlock

Custom operators and render event types implemented in C# are not yet fully supported for rendering. C# operators will not be evaluated during a render pass.

C# events can work as long as the callback code doesn't try to pull on the operator graph. Operations such as object creation, object deletion or parameter value requests can put XSI in an unstable state.

Object Model Changes and COM Plug-ins

All COM plug-ins compiled prior to v6.0 will need to be recompiled (C++ self-installing plug-ins don't have to be recompiled).

These properties are no longer defined as default properties and must be used explicitly:

  • Argument.Value (
  • FCurveKey.Value (
  • InputPort.Value (
  • OutputPort.Value (
  • UserDataItem.Value (

Forward Compatibility for C#

C# plug-ins compatibility is not guaranteed with XSI 6.0, because the Object Model COM interfaces are no longer backward-compatible as of v6.0. Plug-ins created with v6.0 will have to be recompiled in order to run with versions greater than 6.0.

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