SPDL: Specifying the Help File Location

In SPDL, the HelpFile keyword works with .hlp, but requires a full path to the .hlp file. If no path is provided, the .hlp file is assumed to be in the Factory location with the XSI help files.

Using Logic, you could specify a different location for a help file, but the help file would have to be HTML or CHM.

For example, the following opens a .chm file that is stored in the same folder as the SPDL file:

    Sub OnInit
        Set ppi = PPG.Inspected(0)
        PPG.PPGLayout.SetAttribute siUIHelpFile, ppi.OriginPath & "shaders.chm"
     End Sub

But if the Addon was installed on a network drive, you probably will have security problems...awhile back, some Windows security updates disabled the ability to view .chm files across a network. See http://www.helpscribble.com/chmnetwork.html for more info and ways around this.

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