Autodesk Softimage 2011 SP1 (JP)

Autodesk® Softimage® 2011 ソフトウェア用の最新サービスパック ( には130もの修正が含まれています。

Crosswalk 5.1
Softimage 2011 SP1 にはCrosswalk v.5.1が含まれています。

Softimage 2011 SP1 はフルビルドであり、Softimage 2011 がすでにインストールされているマシンにインストールできます。Softimage 2011をアンインストールする必要はありません。

Softimage 2011 SP1 では、Softimage 2011と同じライセンスを利用します。Softimage 2011 SP1のインストール:

  • プロダクトキー(590C1)とお使いのSoftimage 2011のシリアル番号を入力し、[次へ]をクリックします。
  • ネットワークライセンスをお使いの場合は、設定をクリックしてネットワークライセンスに切り替えます。

Customer Error Reporting (CER) 用 Microsoft
Softimage 2011 SP1を64ビット版のWindows Vista SP2 またはWindows 7で動作し、カスタマーエラー報告(CER)のすべてのコールスタックを送信する場合は、Customer Error Reporting (CER) 用 Microsoft (をご覧ください。

Softimage 2011 SP1 には、2011用の英語および日本語のドキュメントが含まれています。



  • UDEV00255606 Crash while transforming boolean elements
  • UDEV00256310 Regression in Boolean behavior
  • UDEV00246940 Cannot see painted vertex colors after vertex color property modified by another tool
  • UDEV00247045 ClusterProperties do not resize properly on topo change if a CustomOperator are set to the texture projection
  • UDEV00257973 extreme lag when moving pivot using alt key in scale mode
  • UDEV00257773 Boolean operation crashes Softimage

Data management

  • UDEV00257530 Cache Manager - Adding a cache to an object that has an Audio Clip returns an error
  • UDEV00257308 Cache Manager - Write - Branch select is not considered in Multiple selection
  • UDEV00257307 Cache Manager - Write - When Attribute list is empty selected attributes stay identical
  • UDEV00256625 Cache Manager - Write - "Attributes" list doesn't clearly display which attributes is stored for each object
  • UDEV00256623 Cache Manager - Spaced out the numbers preceding the object names in the object lists
  • UDEV00257172 Cache Manager - *.cacheslist should not be default file extension for the read cache browser
  • UDEV00257169 Caching Save Cache to Mixer button create an unused imageclip
  • UDEV00255923 ReadAnimationCache - Can add badly formed path sequence
  • UDEV00256620 Cache Manager - Write - been able to select a group or hierarchy (in branch) and add the contents to the list
  • UDEV00257539 [CER] Refmodels - Crash with Scene explorer Open
  • UDEV00257564 [CER] Crash when testing the Displacement Ocean shader node.
  • UDEV00257278 Put a PointCloud on a RefModel, do some color modifs. then update the RefModel -> Simulation is wrong
  • UDEV00257310 CRASH when undoing delete model ( specific )
  • UDEV00257231 Refmodel we cannot export a ref model’s delta in the current project.
  • UDEV00257346 The "Models to Reconnect To" parameter of RefModel not working with multiple models targets
  • UDEV00257362 Crash when adding CustomPSet to offloaded RefModel
  • UDEV00257180 New Layer or Partition configuration is not persisted with Reference Model objects
  • UDEV00257688 Texture Layers ports are disconnected when loading an older scene in Softimage 2011


  • UDEV00257368 FBX - imported file from previous version of the format has mesh faceted
  • UDEV00257166 XSI Crosswalk FBX export hard/soft edge problem
  • UDEV00257951 FBX - Linux - Crash importing using HardEdges Enable
  • UDEV00257726 FBX - Crash importing Shape Animation
  • UDEV00257715 Crosswalk needs to increment to version 5.1

Face Robot

  • UDEV00256437 FaceRobot > Assemble doesn't work on Korean Locale
  • UDEV00257200 FR Script Error pop when doing Clear Fast Playback Cache


  • UDEV00257358 Fx : plug-in operators are missing


  • UDEV00257149 Hang with scene search
  • UDEV00257519 Crash when editing new Layout
  • UDEV00257483 Regression - unable to dolly when looking through a spot light without an interest constraint
  • UDEV00257217 Regression from 2010 | items missing in the Modify texture menu
  • UDEV00257374 Softimage does not display proper texture in VM when user changes texture imageclip in an override property.
  • UDEV00255873 memo cam causes XSI to crash ( scene specific )
  • UDEV00257651 Default character models' Keyable Params and Key Sets are not correct


  • UDEV00257657 Shader preset manager mixes up shaders and class IDs when you have SPDL custom shaders in a workgroup
  • UDEV00258079 Custom realtime shaders does not load in SP1
  • UDEV00257908 Crash | ICE cache files with Motion Blur Crash
  • UDEV00257618 Regression - ICE volume rendering - Particle_Gradient_FCurve is not working
  • UDEV00257208 Enable to load a volume shader in Mental Ray
  • UDEV00257507 Crash when rendering an ICE Tree
  • UDEV00257677 Changes to pass shader parameters force the renderer cache to empty
  • UDEV00257621 invert flag in texture layer editor does not get set in 2011 from 2010 resulting in different rendered result
  • UDEV00257499 Regression: Crash when using Render Region with "Toon Paint and Host"
  • UDEV00257315 Crash when selecting a clip if the rendertree is active
  • UDEV00257216 Setting frost samples to 1 produces artifacts
  • UDEV00256792 RTS | Ultimap_Preview node logs SiWarning upon creation
  • UDEV00246516 Exporting Shader Compounds Loses Japanese Strings
  • UDEV00257573 CgFx Shader - Crash Loading specific Shader
  • UDEV00257207 DirectX Viewport freeze after Screen saver when "On resume, display logon screen" is enable
  • UDEV00257610 Crash when setting Photometric cd/m^2 Factor to zero
  • UDEV00257606 Display problem with the Projection Lookup Node
  • UDEV00257425 There is no "SimpleShader_CGFX.scn"
  • UDEV00257271 python stops working correctly when I use xsibatch
  • UDEV00257114 Fast Light Effects - Projected texture flips as you move/animate the light interest
  • UDEV00257254 Editable option in the ShaderCompound properties doesn't anymore
  • UDEV00257292 multiple camera groups aren't picked up inside models
  • UDEV00257677 Changes to pass shader parameters force the renderer cache to empty
  • UDEV00257571 [CER ] 36427081 | race condition on render cleanup/restart which can lead to a crash
  • UDEV00257572 [CER] Crash when viewing lightmap preview
  • UDEV00257825 32-bit Softimage does not load shaders from "nt-x86" folder of workgroup addons
  • UDEV00257319 Crash when switching from mib_photmetric with profile to mia_photometric
  • UDEV00255527 Shaders disappear after changing workgroup
  • UDEV00257882 Rendering | Pointcloud is not reading attributes being used by the clip
  • UDEV00257204 Crash when rendering standins and scrubbing the time line
  • UDEV00257418 Crash: Render region with standins and GI
  • UDEV00257734 Crash when Rendering Standin
  • UDEV00255524 Problems when loading shaders from Plugin Manager
  • UDEV00254446 Material overrides only works with the first layer
  • UDEV00257781 Camera Lens Shader Items are duplicated each time you undo a camera movement
  • UDEV00257874 Crash changing flow texture color with render region open
  • UDEV00257807 Rendering | Black renders when 2 shaders classes uses the same DLL/shader
  • UDEV00257743 Softimage hangs indefinitely loading a scene containing shaders which are not installed.
  • UDEV00257771 CER | 37267480 | Crash when changing hair strands with preview render window open
  • UDEV00257236 Satellite rendering is not properly opening up a connection with Softimage


  • UDEV00257972 SDK ICE: CIndexSet iterator not initializing properly
  • UDEV00257954 SDK ICE: ICENode.ExposedPorts[0] drills down through all compounds (SDK)
  • UDEV00257953 SDK ICE: ICE Port Dirty States Not Working with Multiphase/Element Generator Node
  • UDEV00258113 ICEAttribute::IsDefined() always returns true
  • UDEV00257533 SDK ICE: Few problems with ICE nodes
  • UDEV00256186 XSIApplication.ActiveToolName doesn't return the precise BrushTool mode when using PaintVertexColorTool
  • UDEV00257626 XSI::ClusterProperty::GetValues() crashes Softimage when querying an EnvelopeWeight property for values
  • UDEV00256436 Folded Lines of code not displayed in script editor
  • UDEV00256968 RefGuide: ClusterProperty.Elements.1.vbs Example - for loop index variable is wrong, and script doesn't work.
  • UDEV00257745 SDK Command: XSI.Application cannot access XSI commands not created by the Framework


  • UDEV00258051 RBD | Freeze loading a specific scene
  • UDEV00257925 RBD | 2010 Client Scene Crash on load in Softimage 2011
  • UDEV00258112 ICE-RBD | Wrong default values for static, dynamic and elasticity coefficients
  • UDEV00257701 ICE | Crash renaming Set Data node
  • UDEV00257506 ICE | crash duplicating bone with ICE tree that sets length (branch connection)
  • UDEV00257642 ICE | Kinematics workgroup : fixed compounds and new sample scene
  • UDEV00256992 ICE |connecting to texture_projection_def broken
  • UDEV00257613 Regression - unable to write to a custom param from ICE tree
  • UDEV00257598 ICE-RBD | Angular velocity is clamped at ± PI rad/s
  • UDEV00257432 ICE particles - alpha blended point sprites not depth sorted properly
  • UDEV00257403 ICE | Crash! Create an ICE graph then put one of the object in a Model
  • UDEV00257369 ICE | GetData chaining invalidation issues
  • UDEV00257417 ICE | Graph is not updated when CopyPaste ICE Tree
  • UDEV00257153 selecting the weightmap name rather than the .weights in 'Filter by Weightmap' ICE compound causes crash
  • UDEV00256913 cannot create symmetry mapping templates if deformer's kine is ice driven
  • UDEV00256099 ICE-Kine | Crash when relocating ICE operator in stack.
  • UDEV00256432 ICE | Sometimes the graph is invalidated when dragging some nodes on it.
  • UDEV00255965 ICE | Tree does not reconnect after save and reload
  • UDEV00257279 ICE | kinematics : compound needs update
  • UDEV00257132 ICE | Crash when deleting Scalar ICE node under certain conditions
  • UDEV00257496 Cannot set implicit bone's length attribute using this.length
  • UDEV00257946 ICE | Crash when deleting Compound after exporting private
  • UDEV00257864 ICE AngularVelocity rotation is inversed
  • UDEV00257751 ICE Cache crash when loading point locator attributes
  • UDEV00257752 ICE Cache | Unable to cache persistable attributes
  • UDEV00257833 XSI can crash while connecting ICE nodes
  • UDEV00257404 ICE | Tree not evaluated correctly after writing to custom parameter
  • UDEV00257753 ICE | Negative zeros can be displayed
  • UDEV00258260 Multi-phase Ice Node Fails to Execute


  • UDEV00256388 I can't run 2011on FC12
  • UDEV00257201 LINUX | No Icons visible on the Essential Skills videos page
  • UDEV00257094 LINUX | Audio defects when scrubbing or playing frame by frame
  • UDEV00257094 Linux : Now using OpenAL for Audio (resolves issue when scrubbing or playing frame-by-frame)


  • UDEV00257631 JA localization: Japanese character truncated for Help > About Autodesk Softimage > Build Version (UI)
  • UDEV00257240 XSI crashes when starting from command line with a scene parameter
  • UDEV00257965 Essential movies don't open from Netview
  • UDEV00257964 Windows7 | 64-Bit | Scripting engine would fail to initialize on certain W7 systems causing a crash on startup
  • UDEV00257775 CER call stacks for 64-bit systems are often corrupt or incorrect


  • UDEV00254555 RefGuide: SITransformation.AddLocalRotation > in_bIncrementEulerAngles arg info is missing in the SDK Guide
  • UDEV00254399 RefGuide: The example for AddVertexColor is badly indented
  • UDEV00249925 SDK Doc: ArrayParameter not shown in Parameter page
  • UDEV00245887 missing HW shaders example
  • UDEV00257126 Japanese Softimage Guide: translation incorrect in "Working with OpenEXR HDR Images in the Fx Tree

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