Graphics Sequencer (XSISDK)


Be sure to read: Graphics Sequencer (

The graphic sequencer states are documented in the "Communicating with XSI" section of Realtime Shaders (

Graphic Sequencer Callbacks

The following diagram shows how the display callbacks fit into the viewport rendering loop.

CallbackViewport Rendering Loop
Pre-begin Frame Set up p-buffer
Begin Frame Clear call (clear back buffer, Z-buffer, ...)
Post-begin Frame
Begin Pass Draw wireframe.

This is where you would call:

  • CGraphicSequencer::RenderSceneUsingMode()
  • CGraphicSequencer::RenderSceneUsingMaterial()
  • CGraphicSequencer::RenderListUsingMode()
  • CGraphicSequencer::RenderListUsingMaterial()
Pre-end Frame Draw rulers/grid and save Frame buffer
End Frame Swap buffer
Post-end Frame


  • The display callbacks are called for each viewport.
  • The calling order for Begin Frame and End Frame callbacks are not guaranteed. For example, you cannot assume your Begin Frame callback is called before the buffers are cleared.
  • There is one pass only.

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