Linear color space workflow

You want to set up a linear color space workflow.


First, enable display-only gamma correction in render regions, shaderballs, render previews, as well as in most of the color control widgets throughout Softimage.

  1. In the File menu, click Preferences.
  2. Click Display and then click the Color Management tab.
  3. Under Apply To, select all the check boxes.

The region renders will now reflect the actual gamma, but you'll notice that rendered images are darker.

To correct this discrepency, you must first use the shader “mia_Simple_Tone_Mapping” prior to rendering.

  1. Open the camera property page.
  2. On the Lens Shaders tab, click Add.
  3. In the mental images folder, click mia_Simple_Tone_Mapping and click OK.
    Note that you can render your frames without mia_Simple_Tone_Mapping, and then adjust the Gamma afterwards with the FxTree or the compositor of your choice.
  4. Now render your scene.

Also, you may want the textures and HDRI images used as textures by the scene to be considered in their original state or else they will look washed out. For this, enable SRGB in File>preferences>rendering>images>color profile to “SRGB”.

Rendering in the “OpenExr” format is a popular format that will support 16-bits-per-channel, which is necessary for wide color ranges.

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