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Here is a summary of the features and fixes in Autodesk Softimage 2012 and the Softimage 2012 Subscription Advantage Pack (SAP):

Fixes in 2012

These are the fixes that were made during the development of Softimage 2012.

User Interface

FELX-1392	file browsers defaulting to desktop
FELX-1198	Weight editor does not refresh on object selection on newly duplicated objects
FELX-788	"Grow Selection" command buttons on custom toolbars doesn't work
FELX-605	Regression | Key properties have disapeared from the Profile curves PPG
FELX-799	Flipbook doesn't make LZW compressed Tiff files
ACSO-25		Animation Editor | Freeze with an animated boolean parameter
ACSO-213	Animation Editor | Freeze with an animated boolean parameter
ACSO-55		Crash with TortoiseSVN on File Browser
ACSO-65		Hiding the Netview toolbar twice through scripting crashes Softimage
ACSO-73		A preference for Help Language Japanese is not kept
ACSO-105	Draggin some workgroup shaders in the render tree can create a different one	
ACSO-126	Save scene without RedrawUI kills collapse info of schematic.
ACSO-121	A radius of 0.01 is not small enough during paint brushing
FELX-1259	Exporer | Operators no more shown under Camera Primitive
FELX-991	Loading a scene not in a project will create an invalid entry in the Recent Scenes menu
FELX-142	Request for a STOP button in playback


FELX-953	ACSO-166 - TextureSpaceWidget does not differenciate objects under Models
FELX-992	one-click interop: Softimage should respect TIFF tag to avoid upside down images
FELX-1493	UV Pinning undo problem
ACSO-64		Multiple Image Properties cannot edit at a time


ACSO-22		Crash when transferring in a single step all properties between meshes
ACSO-58		Camera-view display is corrupt when using Tweak User Normals Tool and Add Edge Tool

Realtime Shaders

ACSO-21		RTS | Annotations with indices (e.g."sas.directionallight[2].color") are not supported properly
ACSO-74		PPGLayout update problem in 2011 RT shader
ACSO-75		siNotInspectable flag update problem in 2011 RT shader
ACSO-77		Crash setting camera mode to OpenGL with ultimaper scene
FELX-1624	artifacts when painting vertex colors in realtime shader opengl viewport on meshes using custom realtime shaders.

Reference Models

FELX-1670	FELX-1386 (Expressions on a material lost when you rename a reference model ) not fully fixed
FELX-1506	Texture map in reference models breaks upon delta creation
FELX-1778	Import Reference Rig and Import REferenced Skinned mesh causes Softimage to Crash
FELX-1883	Crash persisting scenes
FELX-1813	Shaders don't always connect or display properly upon loading scene
FELX-1558	RefModel : Setting resolution and apply constraint child objects will not update correctly
FELX-1555	RefModel : Expression is not updated when merge scene
FELX-1289	RefModel : Primitive is shifted incorrectly to another layer after applying MoveObjectToLayer
FELX-1750	Scene Material Corruption with Ref Models - Continued
FELX-1702	Disconnected shaders when importing Referenced Model
FELX-1686	Expression on Material of a Model is lost after Importing the Model
FELX-1651	Scene Corruption in Felix due to Material


FELX-749	Cache - Load shape attribute (that reference object in the scene) might be bound to the wrong object
FELX-726	Caching - Load cache doesn't create attributes definitions if the first frame in the timeline isn't cached
FELX-718	Cache manager - Read -> Apply All should load the cache in the mixer with a scale corresponding to the subframe sampling
FELX-1365	ICE Cache: Can't read all Lagoa attributes (crash)
FELX-1361	Cache Manager: Start End Frames never persisted
FELX-1360	Cache Manager: Two caches loaded instead of one


FELX-1836	FBX warnings shouldn't pop UI when imports occcur at cmd line.
FELX-1772	objects sent from 3ds Max do not update
FELX-1064	FBX: Node conecting to the reflectivity port of Lambert is missing during export
FELX-1024	FBX scriptings commands missing in Help and
FELX-1884	OneClick Maya: Need a Send Entire Scene Option
FELX-1842	Mudbox OneClick: Different updates from Mudbox have the same results in Softimage.
FELX-316	Ability to import and export stereo camera rigs in FBX plug-in and ICEFLOW.
FELX-1576	ICEFLOW - Need better warning when sending stuff from XSI to Max without having sent nothing from Max first.


FELX-1142	Corrupt frame numbers with "String File Path Sequence" ICE node
FELX-363	SDK ICE: Multi-Phase Node fails to pull Data
FELX-373	ICE 'Cache on File' node: File Name & co parameters not visible when 'Read Cache'
FELX-1148	setdata to envelope map problem
FELX-1209	ICE | New node to get per element data into a singleton array
FELX-1771	Lagoa Crash | Rotating Object that has a child emitter
FELX-996	Lagoa scenes and compounds should be updated to comply with sub-frame interpolation.
FELX-377	Lagoa Collision Add Passive Body
FELX-364	Lagoa Preset images path is wrong
FELX-1323	ICE and lights: "Get data" node the "This." statement doesn't always work.
FELX-1283	ICE | Get Data with works no more on Camera Primitive (compared to Softimage 2010)
FELX-1112	crash connecting stuff up that shouldn't be
FELX-959	ICE | GetSetAnd acts like GetSetOr


FELX-1741	Frame token padding behaves differently than documented. Docs are inconsistent.
FELX-1358	More than one dash (-) in a frame set, crashes Softimage
FELX-1838	Saving a rendered frame from the Preview Window without setting a file format results in .avi file
FELX-1634	Texture projections do not render correctly if named "color"
ACSO-110        Add the possibility to choose the Vertex Color Display Property from the Brush Properties PPG
FELX-1649	PPG Logic OnChanged can't be use for Color parameters.
FELX-183	Ability to set default fileformat for saved Preview image
FELX-1803	Texture Editor: Add UV pinning to TE operations
FELX-677	Allow users to set maximum OpenGL texture width to values greater than 2048
FELX-1419	Problem loading scene if rendertree Node name and ports are the same
FELX-1545	MR Notification Problem | render region refreshes but does not render is not updated
FELX-1430	Discrepancy between OGL and Mental ray display of ICE Color Attribute
FELX-549	Using Geometry based Area Lights Dampens other lights
FELX-792	CRASH Rendering With Irradiance Particles
FELX-1239	Notification filtering through connections is missing scalar ouptut nodes in the renderer process callback
FELX-1235	Scene render options reports wrong frame range with getValue()
ACSO-31		Invalid render region dimensions after being resized interactively
ACSO-35		3rd party renderers (e.g. Arnold) crash on Linux
ACSO-44		Custom renderer DirtyList isn't cleared properly
ACSO-45		AbortEvent breaks 3rd party renderers
ACSO-46		libsiutilityshaders shader dependency

Capture and Compositing

FELX-190	Default value for preferences.Compositing.MaxCPUThreads to 8
FELX-1441	Missing compression slider for .jpg in Viewport Capture. Also set default JPG quality to 100%


FELX-1719	SDK Doc: OneClick commands not documented
FELX-1776	SDK Example: New python TCP server example
FELX-1463	SDK: Csharp plugin items stop working after NewScene
FELX-1654	BoxTransformTool example manipulator fails on objects without geometry (lights, nulls, ...)
FELX-1284	Crash when opening a Scintilla instance once the PythonWin Debugger has been opened
FELX-1903	Can't set GUID_PropertyMappingAttribute with the ShaderParamDef API.
FELX-562	More Menu anchor Points and Access to View Attributes
FELX-1562	Custom Property Wizard is buggy
FELX-1596	When uninstalling Softimage XSIPython removes python from all previous Softimage installations
ACSO-130	PlotConstrainedTransforms command always popup dialog.
ACSO-175	FCurve.RemoveKeys and FCurve.RemoveKeysAtIndex don't refresh the FCurve Editor and the timeline
ACSO-72		SDK: "ClassName" of assigned material does not get expected class.

Fixes in 2012 SAP

These are the fixes that were made during the development of Softimage 2012 Subscription Advantage Pack.

ICE Modeling

MINU-452	Caching and reading ICE Topology causes crash
MINU-443	Modeling_Columns_From_Strands Sample Scene needs to have Create_Copies_from_Polygon_Mesh updated to version 2.0
MINU-468	ICE Modeling | Modeling_Delete_Along_Edge_Loop scene has changed ( regression )
MINU-422	ICE Modeling | sample scene uses old compound
MINU-416	ICE Modeling | fixes for strand extrusion compounds
MINU-365	ICE procedural modeling local subdivide output weird results.
MINU-159	Setting EdgeCrease results in crash to desktop
MINU-149	ICEModeling | Using ApplyICEOp to add a topology compound break the UVs


MINU-463	Softimage crashes when selecting particles in raycast selection mode.
MINU-415	Expose rbdtype param from Instance Shape node in Set Instance Geometry compound
MINU-459	String file path sequence node appends '.' to output if File Name is empty
MINU-350	Simulation scenes with Springs no longer simulate correctly
MINU-273	Emit from Curves not longer gives expected result.
MINU-322	Some menus (ex: Randomize Mass and Speed) on the ICE toolbar no longer works..
MINU-310	ICEFlowBuilder includes Randomize Around Value.1.1 that breaks existing compounds when you import them
MINU-309	ICE | Get Data from two objects with same Name doesn't work
MINU-304	Spawn_on_Collision fails to spawn on collision.
MINU-297	sample grid scene precision issue
MINU-274	ICE | The default value of the Particles Size inside the Emit from Geometry node is too big when simulating RBD.
MINU-257	ICE reference become invalid when connecting another object
MINU-254	ICE | wrong port name for Randomize Around Value
MINU-149	ICEModeling | Using ApplyICEOp to add a topology compound break the UVs
MINU-44	        ICE | Crash with Reinterpret Location to New Geometry


MINU-419	Texture Projections: Filter out Texture projections created by 3D vector attributes
MINU-70	        Textures: Crash when connecting a Create Transform node to Edit UV node which was edited to set texturable flag on for Transform Parameter
MINU-69	        Textures: Edit UV Node - Set Texturable Flag ON for the Transform Parameter


MINU-172	Cannot specify LUT files in Color Management preferences


MINU-319	SDK WG LINUX: ClouderGeneratorFromDataFile example is broken


MINU-248	Autokey Border - change it to timeline instead of time range slider
MINU-250	Can't select point cloud in shaded view mode when raycast selection preference is enabled.


MINU-426	FR Game Export | Only one light out of 3 is affecting the face

Known Issues in 2012 SAP

These are the know issues in the Softimage 2012 Subscription Advantage Pack.

Please note that the Known Problems and Limitations (KPL) list refers to issues that have been raised during the Beta cycles and are considered important enough for the Softimage user base to be made aware of. Suggestions, workarounds, general workflow issues and older bugs found in previous versions are not included in this list.

MINU-484	Exposed port removed when copy/pasting ICE compound
MINU-406	Cap Hole gives weird results when applied on the border of a 2D obj.
MINU-491	Operator locks don't survive object duplication

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