Share the texture projection of a group with a new member of the group

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Summary A texture projection is applied to a group using Property>Texture Projection. When a new member is added to this group it does not share the texture projection or support with the original. The following procedure will solve this problem

Steps  1) With the new group member selected Property>Texture Projection>Connect to Projection. Click OK in the dialogue box that pops up(**do not change the default name of the projection**).

2) In the explorer, proceed to one of the original members of the group and click on the Clusters>Texture_Coordinates_Auto>Texture_Projection.

Now the texture projection is shared across all the members of the group

More Information  In the explorer, one can drag the Clusters>Texture_Coordinates_Auto>Texture_Projection node from one of the original members to the Clusters>Texture_Coordinates_Auto node of the new member. As a result both the members will share the UV coordinates.

One can also choose to Property>Texture Projection>Connect to Support. However, in this case the new member will share the texture support but have an independent texture projection.

Applies To: XSI 3.0 on NT,Win2K,Irix,Linux

Posted: 12/11/2002

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