Viewing HTML Help files (.CHMs) on Linux without MainWin

Softimage|XSI uses hh to display compiled HTML Help files (.chm files) on Linux. The hh application relies on the MainWin environment. This means that you cannot use hh to view the XSI documentation on a Linux machine without Softimage|XSI installed.

Luckily, there are a few alternative viewers for HTML Help that you can install on any Linux machine:

  • xCHM (
  • GnoCHM (
  • KchmViewer (
  • HelpExplorer (

However the last time we checked, none of these viewers offered as many features as hh. In particular, full-text search is limited compared to hh. In addition, none of them supported master CHM files, so you cannot use them to open the master SDK guide (xsisdk.chm). This isn't a huge problem because xsisdk.chm does not contain any information of its own; it simply serves to link the component SDK guides with a common table of contents, index, and search. You can still open the individual SDK guides on their own, but note that some links between CHM files won't work and others will display the linked topic but not update the navigation pane.

On Mac OS X, you can use Chmox (

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