Cluster center links are lost after storing shapes


Cluster Centers are transformed in order to deform the surface of an object for the purpose of storing shapes.

After loading a stored shape as a shape clip in the Animation Mixer, you discover that the Cluster Center null has lost it's original position relative to it's associated cluster and that to transform it will not deform the surface of the object, as the link between the Cluster Center null and it's associated cluster has seemingly been removed.

This behavior is by design: when a shape is added to the Animation Mixer, it's referenced deform operator(s), such as Cluster Center Deforms, are removed.   Otherwise, if the reference were not removed, the object would be deformed twice: once by the still active deform operator, and then again by the new instanced shape.


Storing Shapes and Creating Clusters

  1. Store a default shape for the object before creating the Cluster Centers: select the object and then, from the Animate toolbar's Deform toolset, select Shape>Store Shape Key.
  2. Create the cluster(s) for the object: tag points and, from the Main Command Area's Edit pull-down menu, choose Create Cluster with Center.
  3. Translate the Cluster Center to deform the object

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