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Use this page to discuss the content of the XSI SDK Portal on the Wiki. E.g. suggestions for how to organize it, missing information, links to experimental pages etc.

Beta Portal Organization

Andrewsk - I've organized the page in a similar fashion and look to the Portal in the XSI SDK docs. Currently there are 6 top level categories. I think we might need to move it to 9 categories, because the Working with XSI for Developers is covering both plug-in distribution/Pipelines and the different areas of XSI (Modeling/Animation/etc). Not sure how to name two categories split out of this one. Also missing is anything about the different versions of XSI, e.g. to establish some pages related to old versions of XSI, known limitations of v5.0 etc. And a 9th category would be just to finish out the 3 x 3 table.

Tracking Limitations

Andrewsk - We aren't sure whether the wiki will be a good place to publish known limitations/workarounds. The advantage is that it could help users be aware of known pitfalls. But Softimage actually maintains a sophisticated database for bug tracking, and the wiki is a poor substitute for a database, so maybe it is better for people to submit bugs directly to Softimage rather than use the wiki. Another problem is that it is a reasonable large job to try to maintain such a list. Either way here is an experimental page for listing known issues: Known SDK Limitations v5.0 (XSISDK)

Category for C#

Isn't C# miscategorized, as it currently resides under the "C++ API"-header, while C# doesn't give you access to aforementioned "C++ API" (AFAIK)?

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