Extracting selected subcurves from eps files

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When working with eps files, extracting subcurves can be done by the extract from subcurves tool, you can either  do it one curve at a time, or you can rectangular select an area of the eps. Either way, it can be time consuming if your eps file contains many overlapping elements.


To work around this:

1) Select the eps, in the selection panel (usually on the top right side of your interface), proceed to where it says 'curve boundary'. Click on the little arrow to change the mode to 'subcurve'.

2) Now select all the curve elements you want to extract then Curve>extract from subcurves.

This will extract the selected subcurves at one go.

More Information There is also a script called 'Extract_Subcurve_All ' on XSINET that will extract selected subcurves to their individual components.

Applies To: XSI 3.5.x on Win2K,Linux

Posted: 12/23/2003

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