Version 6.02

Render Settings

In the mental ray and hardware rendering options (available from the Render Manager and elsewhere), the Copy Current Pass to Global button has been replaced by Copy This Pass to Global. The new button copies the settings of the pass you are inspecting to the global settings for the scene.

Crosswalk Setup

A typical installation of XSI 6.02 no longer includes the plugins for the Crosswalk for Maya and Crosswalk for Max integrations.

An XSI installation used to automatically include copies of the Crosswalk for Max and Crosswalk for Maya plug-ins in the <XSIPath>\Addons\MaxConverter and the <XSIPath>\Addons\MayaConverter folders, respectively. You could then copy these plug-ins to the appropriate folders of your 3ds Max or Maya installation.

Now, you must run the standalone Softimage|Crosswalk setup program to install the Crosswalk for Max and Crosswalk for Maya integrations and enable data transfer between XSI and your Maya and/or 3ds Max installations.

Environment Variables

The new SI_BROWSER_DONT_CHECK_CHILDREN_FOLDERS variable controls whether XSI checks folders for subfolders when displaying the file browser. Setting this variable to 1 may speed up file operations on NFS systems, particularly on Linux. When set, folders are always drawn with an expandable ‘+’ whether or not they contain subfolders.

There is another variable that can also affect the speed of file operations on Linux. MWIGNORE_DESKTOPINI controls whether MainWin looks for a desktop.ini file when it accesses folders. Setting this variable to 1 can prevent delays caused by time-outs on NFS systems.

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